Covid-19 safety protocol

Below, you will find guidance which we will follow to keep all pupils and staff as safe as possible during the 2021 course.


The facilities at St Dunstan’s have been chosen by Chamber Players specifically because they offer large and well ventilated spaces, with plenty of room for adequate distancing during rehearsals and performance.

During the larger ensemble rehearsals, pupils will be seated individually, rather than in pairs. This is what professional orchestras are now doing, and we will follow this seating also.

The smaller chamber rehearsals will take place in large class rooms. The member of teaching staff may choose to teach with a mask on, but pupils will not need to wear a mask whilst playing, or when seated, as their seats will be far enough apart.

The recreation times will be taken outside unless if wet. If the weather is wet, then the 6th form refectory is a very large space, but we will stagger the recreation times for indoors if needed, so that the numbers at any time are reduced. 

The performance will take place in St Dunstan’s very spacious performance hall. Seating will be in groups, and we will ask you to let us know in advance how many will be in your group attending, so that we can arrange the seating accordingly. We will ask that masks are worn, where possible, by the audience during the concert.



We will also ask that all members of staff and 12 + year olds take a lateral flow test at least 24 hours before the start of the course.

If any pupil has a positive PCR test taken 10 days prior to attending the course,  or needs to isolate because of a family member with a positive PCR test, and therefore can’t attend, then the fees will be returned, with proof of the test result.


If we are put back into Lockdown (local or national) and the course is unable to run at all, then all fees will be returned.