Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party

When? 14th June 2015 3.00.

Where? That is a secret!

Who: Multi-instrumentalist, Paul Tkachenko

This concert is being held in the house and garden of a family whose children attend the Chamber Players courses.

Because this is a private house and garden, I feel uncomfortable about posting the address of this concert on the internet, but of course you will need to know some details before you book tickets. The address will be given out with your booking code once you have booked tickets. £4 children / £2 adult / under 1 year olds are free.

The venue is located between Beckenham and Lower Sydenham. The house has a lovely garden, with a tree house to explore, swings and other garden games. There is plenty of parking on the residential roads near-by.

If the weather is wet, there is an indoor contingency plan, but we hope, as we did last year to have the concert outside, with picnic tea and games available after the concert.

Paul Tkachenko is a highly innovative performer and will captivate everyone with his displays of musicianship on many instruments including accordion, tuba, Sousaphone, balalaika, double bass, mandolin and banjo, musical saw, harmonica, digeridoo and his own invention—the dogphonium (a playable basset hound.) Who knows which instruments he will bring with him in June, but it is certain to be great fun.

The 45 minute performance will be followed by tea and cakes.