Toy Symphony

Toy Symphony

Saturday 19th July, 11.15am St Bartholomew’s Church Sydenham

This is a Chamber Players production, for the Sydenham Arts Festival

The Chamber Players team were invited to do a family workshop and concert for the Sydenham Arts Festival. Leopold Mozart’s Toy Symphony seemed such a good choice of piece to do, to include as many children as possible in both the workshop and performance.

Lucy Melvin, Oakki Lau and Tony Woollard will be joined by violinist Anna Croad and workshop leader Julian West.

Cuckoos, nightingales, rattles, drums, whistles etc. Children can bring instruments along with them, or have a go at making some. There will be a variety of instruments to try out, or even have a go at conducting.

The workshop will be followed by a performance of the Toy Symphony with all the participants, and then the Chamber Players quartet will finish off with a short recital of music including familiar classical pieces, and favourite music from the films.

Tickets and all details can be found at Sydenham Arts Festival